Welcome to HRD Consultancy

Welcome To HRD Consultancy

I am Dr. Hannah Dennis, and I am passionate about:

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Leaders of Care Providers - Are you at the right place?

Do you passionately believe people with learning disabilities deserve to live fulfilled lives in services designed around their needs and in ways which empower them? Are you a manager of a care provider service, who is 100% committed to improving the lives of service users, are honest with where they are currently at and have a willingness to reflect on their current practices and change? If the answer is yes to these three questions you are at the right place.


As a Psychologist with 20 years experience working in Learning Disablities, supporting services with a variety of organisational structures and difficulties, Dr Dennis knows the value of good leadership.



Individuals with Learning Disabilities often have a difficult journey, experiencing multiple transitions, often resulting in unrecognised trauma and loss.  Dr Dennis is well placed to help services explore their response to complex behaviours, whether they be due to trauma, environmental triggers or individual triggers.



Dr Dennis seeks to empower leaders to develop values based services in which service users are empowered to make decisions, have a range of opportunities and can lead fulfilling lives.


 Mission statement

To equip Leaders and Managers of Care Providers for individuals with learning disabilities and complex behaviours to provide high quality, values-based, psychologically informed care even if the service users present with behaviours that are extremely challenging.

Are you an overwhelmed and exhausted parent?

You're running the constant juggling of work, home, life and everything, when you have children with additional needs? Believe me, as a single parent of three children two of whom are Autistic, I have been there! I've created a space where parents can come and feel supported during this journey together through the complexities and wonder of children with ASD, LD/ID and Neurodivergent children. Together we'll create a plan that works for you and your family. Book a free clarity call with me today.

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""Hannah works with us to support one of our service users with significant complexities (who is funded by a local authority). From the outset her dedication and achievements have been outstanding. I couldn't recommend her highly enough. I don't think his placement would have withstood the challenges he's faced without her support.""

Paul Carr, Managing Director at MCSE Ltd

Parents - Join the Nurture Space

A safe space for parents of children with Learning Disabilities/ Intellectual Disabilities or Neurodiverse Children to share and receive support.

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